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Users will be unable to save results from activities, and some of the downloadable content (e.g., PDFs) may no longer be available.


Occupational research activity
Part B: Complete your occupational research

Occupational research activity

Part B: Complete your occupational research

From your list of occupations (created in Part A), choose three occupations that you believe hold the most promise, or you are most intrigued by. Complete an occupational research chart template (Occupational therapy example) for each of the three occupations you have chosen by using the Occupational research chart template (DOCX). You will need to use these charts in a future activity, so save them in Word.


The way in which files open on your machine will depend on the web browser you are using, and the type(s) of software (e.g., Microsoft Word) installed on your device. For example, files may open up in a new window, download to your machine, etc.


Step 1

If you haven't done so already, review the research process on the Occupational research overview page and your list of occupations.

Step 2

Download our Occupational research chart template (.docx) and fill it out. You will be asked to store this file later in this activity.

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