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Reading job advertisements

Reading job advertisements


Read the following job advertisement. In the text box below, record the most important aspects of the job (i.e., those that you would want to consider providing evidence of in your letter) and submit your answer.

Job Ad

Cool Camp is a dynamic youth adventure camp located on beautiful Lake Choppy. We are recruiting senior counsellors and counsellors-in-training for mid-June to mid-August. We are looking for individuals with skills in one or more of canoeing, kayaking, sailing, waterskiing/wakeboarding, windsurfing, hiking, snorkeling, and rock climbing. First-aid certification and experience working with individuals with learning disabilities are essential. If you love working with youth and are known for your great zest for life, fantastic communication and leadership skills, and ability to handle with confidence anything that comes your way, then we want to hear from you!

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