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Writing your letter

Writing your letter

Goal: Write an effective paragraph that demonstrates a relevant qualification


You are interested in applying for the following position. Listed below the job advertisement are a number of transferable skills related to the job. Choose the skill that you can most easily write about. Then, in the text box, write a paragraph to demonstrate, with evidence, that you possess the chosen skill. Pretend that the paragraph is part of your cover letter.

Job Ad

In this direct sales role, you will be responsible for the sale of our innovative printing solutions. You will drive new accounts through prospecting, cold-calling, and making sales presentations in a variety of markets. You will act as the customer contact and co-ordinate the first delivery of our solutions. To be successful in this position you will:

  1. Be a self-directed, highly motivated, results-oriented
  2. Have a winning attitude, aggressive sales approach, and exceptional customer service skills
  3. Possess excellent communication and organizational skills
  4. Have strong leadership skills
  5. Have demonstrated successful sales experience

  1. Organizational skills
  2. Customer service experience
  3. Leadership abilities
  4. Communication skills

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