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Notice: Work on a new CareerHub site is underway and will be in-progress over the next year. During this time, the platform will have limited functionality.
Users will be unable to save results from activities, and some of the downloadable content (e.g., PDFs) may no longer be available.


Sample letter critiques

Sample letter critiques

Goal: Assess draft letters to make improvements for final copies


The way in which files open on your machine will depend on the web browser you are using, and the type(s) of software (e.g., Microsoft Word) installed on your device. For example, files may open up in a new window, download to your machine, etc.


Test the letter writing knowledge you developed in the previous two activities. Open each letter and in the corresponding text box, note the weaknesses (and strengths!) for each. When you have submitted your feedback, an improved version of the letter will be provided in order for you to have a visual comparison of the quality of each.

Co-op Cover Letter

Graduating Student Broadcast Letter

  1. Co-op Cover Letter response
  2. Graduating Student Broadcast Letter response

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