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Approaches to interviewing

Approaches to interviewing

Structured interview

The goal of this approach is to reduce bias and assist the employer in making an objective decision. Typically, each candidate is asked the same set of questions, responses are recorded, and ratings are assigned to each response.

Unstructured interview

In this format of interview, questions are based on the applicant’s résumé, so different questions will be posed to each applicant. Without structured guidelines, the conversation can be free flowing, thus making this method of interviewing the most prone to bias. Although this type of interview may seem more casual, you must still be well prepared and know the points you want to make. Be careful not to provide information you would not have communicated if the interview was more structured.

Semi-structured interview

This type of interview is a blend of the structured and unstructured formats, with a small number of pre-determined questions that will be asked of all candidates, along with some résumé-based questions.

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