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Ending the interview

Ending the interview

When it appears that the interviewer is about to end the interview, you should make sure you have covered certain points before you leave the room. Except in the case of co-op for which the hiring process is clear, make sure you understand the process that will occur before a candidate is selected for the job (e.g., another interview in the same/another location, meetings with other individuals in the organization, etc.). Ask the interviewer when you can expect to hear about a decision or ask when you should make an inquiry as a follow-up.

Enthusiastically express your interest in the position (unless you are sure that you are not interested) and thank the interviewer for interviewing you. Ask for a business card or ensure that you have the interviewer’s name, title, and contact information so that you can send a thank-you email. Make sure your email is sent within forty-eight hours of the interview. In addition to being a standard courtesy, a thank-you letter may tip the scales in your favour if you are in close contention for the job.

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