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My Degree & Skills

Activity One: Process-thinking

Activity One: Process-thinking

As a graduate student, you spend a lot of time doing many things that are focused on the output, rather than all the things you need to do in order to generate that output. For example, in order for you to write a paper, there is a whole process you need to follow, and this process varies slightly by discipline and also by individual.

You don’t just “write a paper.”

Take a look at the following Procedural Elements below. Then, using the Your Process section, drag and order them according to how you generally write a paper, whether for a course or for a publication.

Are there some things here you don't do at all? Are there some things here you do multiple times? Are there things missing?

Add any additional elements that you include in your process to the “Procedural Elements” section. Then, drag and order the elements into the “Your Process” section to complete the list that describes your (general) process.

For this activity to be most useful to you, limit your discrete process tasks to 40 items.

Once your list is complete, proceed to the next page to view the feedback.


Procedural Elements

Review requirements for paper

Determine research question

Read existing literature

Organize existing literature

Evaluate what literature supports argument

Create database of information

Navigate online databases

Analyze original data using x methodology

Develop outline

Make a mind map

Write introduction

Write Analysis/Discussion section

Write conclusion

Write Data Description section

Review what your draft

Edit your draft

Configure bibliography

Create figures and tables

Solicit feedback from someone else (supervisor, peer)

Evaluate feedback

Integrate feedback

Your Process

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