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Users will be unable to save results from activities, and some of the downloadable content (e.g., PDFs) may no longer be available.

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Allocating your time activity

Allocating your time activity

You allot four hours per week to searching for a job. Half of this time you devote to developing leads through networking. The other half you spend pursuing opportunities. You want to maximize the effectiveness of the time you spend pursuing opportunities by focusing on the best strategies.

Read the list below and think about how much time you would allot to activities designed to pursue opportunities you have uncovered. Rank the activities below from MOST time spent (1) to LEAST time spent (3).


Enlisting the services of an employment agency and/or applying to online and/or print advertisements


Sending a tailored broadcast letter and résumé to a hiring manager and/or offering to work unpaid to demonstrate your skill


Dropping in (without an appointment) on an employer of interest and/or attending a job or career fair

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