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Negotiating activity

Negotiating activity

Use at least three different resources for salary research to devise a fair salary range for a professional in a career of interest to you. List the resources you used and the salary range you would propose to an employer.

  1. Did you draw on different types of resources (e.g., not just three different salary surveys, but perhaps a salary survey, a career database, and a person working in your career of interest)?
  2. Did at least one of your resources give you clear information about the impact of geographic location on salary range?
  3. Did your resources give you information about whether non-salary benefits and perks are the norm in your career of interest?
  4. Did you find information about the organizations involved in the research (e.g., whether the information was taken from large or small companies; from for-profits, non-profits, the public sector or a combination, etc.)?
  5. Did your resources clarify how current their data is, so that you can tell whether it applies to the current labour market?

List your salary research resources and expectations below
University of Waterloo

Centre for Career Development