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Users will be unable to save results from activities, and some of the downloadable content (e.g., PDFs) may no longer be available.


Interview evaluation

Interview evaluation

After each interview, evaluate how well you did by completing the following Interview evaluation worksheet.


The way in which files open on your machine will depend on the web browser you are using, and the type(s) of software (e.g., Microsoft Word) installed on your device. For example, files may open up in a new window, download to your machine, etc.

If you do not receive a job offer and you felt that the interview went well, consider contacting the interviewer for feedback on your performance. This step is not recommended for co-op interviews. Did the interviewer hire someone better qualified for the position? If so, what additional qualifications might you need to be hired for a similar position? Did you adequately present your qualifications? If not, stay motivated but learn from any feedback and make necessary changes for your next interview!

Interested in learning more? Attend the How to Interview Effectively workshop and practice your interview skills in person.

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