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Declining a job offer

Declining a job offer

Occasionally, you may reconsider an application or may wish to opt out of a job offer that was given to you. You can withdraw your application from consideration or decline an offer. You will want to notify the employer in a timely and courteous manner, as there may be other potential roles at the company that you are interested in, in the future.

Below is an example of a simple letter declining an offer which can be presented to the employer via email:

Dear First Name Last Name:

Thank you very much for offering me a position at XYZ Company. Unfortunately, I will not be accepting the role as it does not fit my current career path.

I regret that it did not work out and wish you the very best in finding a suitable candidate.

Your Typed Name

Please Note: If this is a co-op work term match, once matched with a job you are obligated to honour the match and work with the employer. Please review and follow all Co-operative Education guidelines.

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