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Getting ready for an interview: Feedback

Getting ready for an interview: Feedback

Review your response submissions below.

Interview skills

Before the interview, it is advisable to

  1. Complete a thorough self assessment
  2. Research the position and organization
  3. Based on 1. and 2., anticipate the questions you are likely to be asked and be ready to articulate your accomplishments, career direction, and the relevant skills you would bring to the job and the organization
  4. Practise your non-verbal communication skills. For example, your professionalism will be demonstrated by a firm (but not aggressive) handshake
  5. Decide what you will wear. It is important to present a neat, clean, and well-groomed appearance with proper clothing for the type of organization. If in doubt, be conservative in attire, including accessories, and avoid use of scented products
  6. Plan your travel route and time so that you arrive ten minutes early
  7. Review your résumé
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