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This section is intended for people negotiating job offers outside the co-op process. While some co-op students have successfully negotiated their co-op work term salaries, this has generally been met with resistance from co-op employers.

Negotiating is a discussion that leads to a mutually agreeable arrangement. It is not rude or pushy. Instead, it is a way to ensure that you are getting the proper compensation for the time, skills, knowledge and results you will provide for your employer. The employer’s role is to make a good business deal by hiring talented people without unreasonable cost to the organization; your job is to help the employer recognize why you are worth what you are asking for.

Negotiation can apply to salary, benefits, or other perks. Depending on the type of organization you are negotiating with and the labour market you are negotiating in, there may be little room for negotiation (e.g., unionized organizations/organizations with defined salary ranges, job shortage) or a lot (e.g., non-unionized environments, talent shortage).

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